About us

The activity we are engaged in today dates back to the 1950s, when my father, milan golob, trained as a saddler assistant with his mentor, saddler šlebnik from ožbalt, and later became his employee. Soon after, he was invited by alojz mithans to join the 1957-founded “slovenj gradec komfort craft enterprise”, the predecessor of today’s prevent, where he worked until his retirement.

Having to provide for a large family, he brought his less challenging tasks back home, where the entire family pitched in to help in order to make some additional and well-needed “dinar” (money).

My father also set up a small workshop at home, where he created various saddling and upholstery masterpieces, as dictated by the needs of the time and the surroundings. More than 40 years later, many people still tell me how durable and how long they got to use their hunting backpack which was created by my father.

My father often involved me in various simple upholstery and saddling tasks when i was a young child and perhaps this is what inspired me to follow in his footsteps after his prematurely death when i was only 10 years old.

After successfully completing elementary school, i enrolled in domžale secondary leather school, where i became familiar with the charms of leather fancy goods. This is when ifinally realised that this was my passion which i wanted to pursue in life. During those turbulent times, which was also due to the failing of the leather processing industry, i had to find work elsewhere, but i continued my training with master anton dietner from lovrenc in pohorje, who i used to visit by bicycle. After my father’s death, master dietnar had picked up my father’s sewing machine which my father had given him permission to use and promised to teach me some more. I also gained experience in the following companies: toko domžale (maribor plant), nova oprema slovenj gradec, avtotap maribor, prevent d.d. Slovenj gradec, wollsdorf leder, semmernegg wies. By working for all these companies, i gained a wide range of knowledge related to upholstery, car upholstery, leather fancy goods and saddlery that i nowadays use in my work. For several years, i was involved in the development of car seat covers and as a development model maker in their manufacturing in plants all over the world. More recently, i have also been involved in the creation of interior fittings of luxury yachts.

For quite some time, i wanted to establish my own company. For this reason, i founded a part-time business 10 years ago. On february 1, 2016, i took the plunge and became a full-time sole trader. Armed with expertise and 25 years of experience, i looked into the future with optimistic mind and innovative ideas. I am also inspired by my 3-year-old son, gašper, who already knows how to use scissors and is becoming familiar with various materials. Perhaps he will also end up pursuing this wonderful occupation someday.